Always keep in mind that creatures from the animal kingdom are resourceful and keep your head up during trips, as you just might spot something admirable or utterly frightening.

The hammer-headed bat, also known as the big-lipped bat. You can meet this beauty on the fruit plantations of Africa. Yes, it looks like it has had a bad day every day of its life. Who are we to blame it?

The traveling season is still upon us, so before going to the next hot spot take a look at these photos. These are the things that you could encounter in warm tropical waters or in the cool depths of a forest.

Try not to be scared when you meet them at first  — and our photo gallery is here to prepare you for the wildest things in nature.

Terrific or Terrifying: These Are the Creatures You Could Face on Holidays

You don’t want to shake this hand from the underworld. Clathrus archeri , commonly known as octopus stinkhorn, or devil’s fingers, is a fungus which like most fungi has a global distribution.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Wildlife News 2018.

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