California based software giant Adobe Inc. announced that all subscriptions in Venezuela will be canceled without refund by the end of October, 2019.

The company said it cannot offer its services in the South American country because in August, Washington issued an executive order which essentially bans almost all transactions between the two nations.

Venezuelans using Adobe’s cloud services have until October 28 to download their files before their accounts are deleted. And nobody should expect any refunds – Adobe says paying them back would violate government policy.

Once the purge of subscriptions is done, no Adobe products will be legally available to anyone in Venezuela, not even free ones.

The hostile US regime routinely uses economic sanctions against nations it doesn’t like, some of them kept in place for decades. Even numerous Venezuelan baseball players under contract of the MLB teams are not allowed to play winter baseball @ home anymore?

Venezuela has come under increased sanctions pressure this year as the Trump administration launched a so far unsuccessful campaign to replace Maduro with a leader of its choice.

Adobe’s withdrawal will probably result in some increase in software piracy in Venezuela, but not every effect of sanctions is so harmless.

Venezuela in particular has seen as many as 40,000 excess deaths linked to sanctions since 2017, an estimate published in April by the Center for Economic and Policy Research – and no key-gen or crack program can fix that.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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