The former Ukrainian envoy to NATO, Major General Petro Garashchuk, recently stated that Ukraine has the ability to develop and produce their own nuclear weapons, mounted on intercontinental ballistic missiles, currently available in the world.

At the same time, Ukraine does not have to worry about international sanctions when creating these nuclear weapons.

Neither the United States, nor Russia, nor China have produced a missile named Satan.

The issue of nuclear weapons has always united the great powers, especially following the signing of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Moscow and Washington thus began START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) negotiations to reduce the risk of a nuclear Armageddon.

During the final stages of the Cold War, the scientific community expended great effort on impressing upon the American and Soviet leadership how a limited nuclear exchange would wipe out humanity.

The long arm of NATO has always been deeply involved in the dark machinations that led to Poroshenko’s ascendency to the Ukrainian presidency. From a geopolitical point of view.

NATO’s operation in Ukraine follows in the footsteps of what happened in Georgia. NATO tends to organize former Warsaw Pact countries to undermine Moscow. The war in the Donbass is a prime example.

The neoconservative wing of the American ruling elite, absolutely committed to the destruction of the Russian Federation, could encourage Kiev along this path, in spite of the incalculable risks involved.

The EU, on the other hand, would likely be terrified at the prospect, which would also place it between a rock and a hard place. Kiev, on one side, while on the other side the neocons would be irresponsibly egging the Ukrainians on.

A nuclear-armed Ukraine would be a red line for Moscow, just as Crimea and Sevastopol were. It is worth remembering the Russian president’s words when referring to the possibility of a NATO invasion of Crimea during the 2014 coup.

Giving the nuclear go-ahead to a Ukrainian leadership so unstable and detached from reality may just be the spark that sets off Armageddon.

Strategic culture / ABC Flash Point News 2018. 

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Don Chien
Don Chien
05-10-20 09:39

Everyone who joins NATO wants to have nuclear weapons?