NFAC, the masked, armed black militia that recently marched through a park in Georgia, deems violence and killing an acceptable response to oppression. Their end goal is to break away from the USA as their own black-only nation.

The NFAC (Not F*cking Around Coalition) grabbed plenty of attention on social media with a high-profile public debut on July 4.

The sight of an all-black militia, clutching rifles and handguns, marching in the heartland of the Ku Klux Klan at Stone Mountain caused plenty of ripples. But very little is known about them, despite a frenzy of speculation. It’s not even clear when they were created or how many of them there are?

So to make their intentions clear, NFAC founder and leader Grand Master Jay (real name John Fitzgerald Johnson) We are here to protect the black community, as that’s who is under attack. Nobody is protecting black children, men and women in America.

What necessitated the creation of NFAC was the need to address a rising tide of police brutality, of racial brutality, of unfairness in the judicial system and its famously connected institutions.

Most of us like me are ex-miliitary, we’re not young people on the block, we’re voters, we’re your responsible guys, we’re the guys with the good jobs.

While seeing themselves as protectors, Jay has a clear aim of what he wants to achieve – and he’s not playing it small. He feels that black people need to be split from the rest of the USA.

So he says he, and others, are filing an order of liberation with the International Court of Justice. I want them to declare every black person who is a descendent of the Portuguese slave trade a political prisoner of the USA!


Some have speculated that Jay is demanding the oil state of Texas as this land, but he only used the Lone Star state as an example. The key is to be given land no longer controlled by the White House.

It’s a glaring fact that mainstream media in the United States has completely ignored the NFAC. ABC News tried to do an interview with me but found the information too scary, so they buried the story as a history piece about Stone Mountain.

Forty-five million of us is a nation within a nation, so we can take ourselves to a place where two countries friendly to us are willing to carve out some land back in Africa, where the global resources are stashed.

If something happens to a Chinese person in America, China gets upset. If it’s British person, the Queen has something to say about it. The color black is not a country, so if something happens to a black person in America, nobody gets upset.

The riots that broke out after the latest resonant police killing of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, is apparently not what he has in mind. He wants to take things global.

We have no identity, they call us African Americans but tell me, where in Africa? There are 55 countries in Africa.

NFAC hasn’t been spawned by the Black Lives Matter movement. Jay was part of BLM several years ago but grew frustrated by their direction. He feels a more authoritarian approach is the only way forward.

Black Lives Matter does not represent the sentiments of the black community.We have distanced ourselves from them completely, Jay admitted.

BLM doesn’t believe in violence, we do. We chose America’s Independence Day to send that message as we were slaves when that happened, we were not members of this country.


We tried to be here for 247 years, we had reconstruction and they burned our towns down, we had Jim Crow when they set dogs on us and told us we couldn’t sit next to them –  we tried that with affirmative action and they rolled that back. It’s obvious they don’t want us here.

NFAC’s willingness to kill could be why they are shunned by the more mainstream activists. But Jay feels justified as he claims there have been 457 controversial killings since the 2014 police shooting of 18-year-old black man Michael Brown.

Along with the Stone Mountain march, the NFAC held a simultaneous event in Phoenix’s Escobar Park. Since then, Jay claims he’s been flooded by contacts globally and now has NFAC chapters internationally.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2020.

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Doos & Klaasvaak
Doos & Klaasvaak
18-07-20 12:07

The USA exploding?