Having slapped several rounds of sanctions on Venezuela, President Donald Trump has said that the next step for the US regime could be increasing pressure on the South American country by imposing an extended deadly blockade or quarantine.

It was the first time Trump broached the subject of an actual blockade of Venezuela, since recognizing self-proclaimed and un-elected ‘interim president’ Juanito Guaido in January 2019, to be the new leader of the oil-rich country.

Washington has unleashed a crackdown on Venezuela’s state-owned oil industry, seizure of the banking funds and embargo on officials, while pressuring third countries such as Cuba, who had chosen to stand by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, into withdrawing their support.

US Secretary of State and former CIA stooge Mike Pompeo last month called on “every foreign power” to leave Venezuela, so the Venezuelan people can “take back” the country and rebuild it in a way acceptable for the USA, so their corporations are able to annex the largest gold and oil reserves in the world.

By “foreign powers,” Pompeo meant trade partners such as Russia, China, Iran, Turkey Uruguay, Mexico and Cuba, which do not recognize Guaido’s Washington-invested authority.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Political News 2019.

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Pan Cayente
Pan Cayente
18-06-20 05:12

The usual suspects?

Tik Tok
Tik Tok
Reply to  baronmaya
29-10-20 01:49

That depends on what type of propaganda you are used to?