Nicolas Maduro has declared an energy emergency in Venezuela in order to protect the nations oil and ensure energy security against imperialist sabotage.

The US sanctions, the blockade, we will not accept any more excuses. I am signing a decree to declare an energy emergency in the hydrocarbons industry in order to adapt necessary and urgent measures to guarantee national energy security and protect the industry from imperialist aggression.

The declaration comes a day after Washington slapped sanctions on a Rosneft trading unit for doing business with the Maduro government, which the imperialist USA has declared illegitimate.

The hostile and invasive US regime sanctioned Russian-owned oil firm Rosneft Trading S.A., cutting off Maduro’s main lifeline to evade Zionist sanctions on the Venezuelan oil sector.

Rosneft, however, said it will continue doing business with the elected government of Venezuela.

Earlier this month, the New York Times reported that the day-to-day operations of oil fields are being entrusted entirely to the foreign partners in PdVSA’s joint ventures.

The report cited industry insiders who said the foreign operators are taking care of everything from production, export arrangement, and even field security, with one source calling it a “stealth privatization.”

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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