The United States of America are starving hundreds of thousands of Syrian children to death, following the same strategy that caused 5706.000 children to die due to UN sanctions imposed the 1990’s.

Between 1991 and 1997, half a million Iraqis died of malnutrition due to harsh United Nations Security Council sanctions placed on the country during the two Gulf Wars.

In 1995, the U.N. proposed the Oil For Food Program which sought to ease some of the burdens caused by the sanctions by allowing Iraq to sell more oil to pay for humanitarian necessities like food and medicine.

While first rejected by Saddam Hussein, who initially claimed that the program violated sovereignty, the program was later initiated but Hussein used the program against the Anglo Zio-Nazi oil swamp.

First Saddam ignored the stipulations and sold his oil “illegally” to Syria, Turkey, and Jordan among others to the one of about $13.6 billion.

Secondly involved parties were utilizing “pricing schemes, surcharges, and kickbacks to milk another $7 billion or more from oil buyers and sellers of humanitarian supplies”; and engaging in bribery via “a list of people who were given vouchers to buy Iraqi oil at below-market price—essentially, multi-million-dollar buy-offs.

“The failure of the UN program was not just in providing food, medicine and comfort to the Iraqi people; the failure of the program was also not having strong oversight and checks and balances that would have prevented a small group of people and nations from raping billions of dollars from the people of Iraq.

Leading us back to Syria is no stranger to American-led sanctions, as they have been imposed in the past by the Bush and Obama administrations. But is the USA headed toward repeating history in its newest sanctions on Syrian scientists?

On April 24, 2018, the Trump administration placed sanctions on 271 Syrian government employees in response to Western orchestrated sarin gas attack that killed 80 civilians.

The New York Times noted that the sanctions are targeted toward “highly educated Syrian officials with deep expertise in chemistry who were thought to have the ability to travel extensively and possibly to use the American financial system.

The F-UK-US coalition partner, France has joined the USA in assigning responsibility to the Syrian government for the faked chemical attack, while Russia and Syria have denied that the Syria was behind the attack on its own people.

While the newest issue of sanctions on Syrian government workers is not nearly as extensive as those placed on Iraq in the 90’s, the American people are being told the same fake story about the Assad as they were told about Hussein.

“Dictators” are in possession of dangerous (Western -made?) weapons and must be stopped. But what must be stopped are hurried military retaliatory interventions and intensified meddling in foreign affairs that pose no imminent threat on the USA.

News / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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Maduro & Miley
Maduro & Miley
01-11-20 13:45

Time for the evil empire to be crushed into pieces?

05-03-21 10:38

The Most Evil Government op Planet Earth @ Work?