The USA is responsible for the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Rukban refugee camp in Syria, as it has illegally occupied this territory.

The USA uses the self created humanitarian problems of the refugee camp to legitimize its military presence in the south of Syria.

As of today, one of the most urgent problems is the situation in the Rukban refugee camp, which is in an extremely difficult humanitarian situation.

The total number of temporarily displaced people in it is about 50,000 people, of which about 6,000 are militants of the Maghawir Al-Thawra terror group controlled by the USA.

Furthermore the so-called  Syrian refugee camp Rukban reminds people of World War II concentration camps, but the global community keeps silent about the catastrophe.

UN official institutions, obliged to provide assistance to refugees, were not actively engaged in settling the humanitarian catastrophe of the Syrian refugees.

Why are not media representatives allowed to communicate with refugees living in Rukban? There is an explanation to it. Someone has something to conceal there. Who is responsible for this barbarity? The answer is on the surface.”

Diseases and absence of medical assistance in the camp led to the deaths of more than 100 people. An outbreak of infectious diseases was likely, while refugees almost did not receive medical assistance.

The Rukban refugee camp is located in Syria’s At Tanf district (Homs province) near the Jordanian border, next to a US military base where Syrian opposition forces are being trained.

Sott Network / ABC Flash Point News 2018.

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