The USA has resumed the dangerous bio warfare program for the construction of biological laboratories in Ukraine and is expanding the format to train Ukrainian biologists.

Igor Kirillov, head of the radiation, chemical and biological defense troops of the Russian Armed Forces also revealed who is behind the US’ military biological activities.

The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) believes that the US Department of Energy, along with the Pentagon, is the main organizer of and direct participant in [the US’] military biological activities.

Kirillov noted that the goals of the US biological programs prove that Washington views former Soviet countries as a springboard for the deployment of NATO forces.

The Pentagon finances dual-use projects through a system of grants, the Russian official said, adding that the distribution of money is entrusted to the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) and the International Science and Technology Center (ISTC).

The official referred to the statement by the US Department of Energy claiming that the Covid-19 pandemic could have occurred as a result of an accident that leaked the virus from a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Officially, in 2023 alone, the US Department of Energy allocated $105 million for research under the Bio-preparedness Research Virtual Environment project, which is supposed to study the epidemic spread of diseases.

Kirillov also said that Russia announces new names of participants in the military biological programs from among the citizens of the USA and Ukraine.

The official also named Greg Glass, a professor in the Department of Geography and the Emerging Pathogens Institute at the University of Florida, who was studying the spread of the pathogen tularemia in Ukraine.

He was involved in the implementation of the UP-8 project (Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever and orthohantavirus in Ukraine).

Another professor, Andrew Pekosz, was also involved as one of the leading consultants in the UP-2 project’s application of geo-information systems, remote monitoring, laboratory diagnostics for the detection of tularemia and anthrax diseases in humans and animals in Ukraine.,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

Moscow has information that the USA has been developing mRNA vaccines that cause concomitant diseases and serious complications at the expense of the US Department of the Treasury since 2017.

During its special military operation in Ukraine, Russia has discovered a network of more than 30 biological laboratories in Ukraine.

According to Kirillov, the Pentagon has been running secret biolabs in Ukraine for years, researching highly dangerous pathogens and exporting biological samples in breach of the Biological Weapons Convention.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Biological Warfare News 2023.

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12-04-23 23:34

The Biowarfare campaign against Russia must continue?