Just as the Alps and the Jordan divide for all time the Cis from the rest, so also in our own time do the mountains and rivers of honesty and truth divide the Creepy Joe Bidens and Mary Robinsons from the great and the good.

We see that former Irish President and serial grifter Mary Robinson and Swedish propagandist Greta Thunberg are on a jolly there to advise Clown Prince Zelensky on matters concerning the environment.


As 20 year old Greta has only recently graduated High School, one wonders if this slow learner will stay as silent on NATO’s use of depleted uranium as she has been on the Nordstream terrorist attack, the greatest ecological crime of our era.

Not that I care as Greta, and Mary Robinson are, like Clown Prince Zelensky himself, media creations, all tinsel and no substance. NATO’s Zelensky regime must be really scraping the barrel if that is the best they can do.

But the bottom of the barrel is all NATO seems to have left. French dictator Macron spends his time attending Elton John 1970’s’ retro concerts as France burns down around him.


The best that Britain can do is to ban Nigel Farage from having a bank account and keep POW Julian Assange on ice for their American masters.

Stella Moris, Julian’s wife, was recently in Rome where, appropriately dressed, she met Pope Francis, who has also recently honored British film-maker Ken Loach, who was recently expelled from the British Labor Party.

Say what you like about Julian Assange and, irrespective as to whether the British will murder him or hand him over to the Yanks for further torture sessions, he is blessed to have such a woman standing foursquare beside him.


Although all of these singularities would have been noted in Washington DC, it is doubtful if they registered with Creepy Joe Biden, the Don Vittorio of the NATO organized crime gang.

Don Vittorio, you may recall, is the senile Italian Mafia godfather, who appeared in The Sopranos a few seasons before fellow mafia mobster Junior also succumbed to dementia.

Although, as Biden claims Putin, in some parallel world, may be losing the war in Iraq, in this world Creepy Joe is most definitely losing the 2024 Presidential war to Donald Trump and Bobby Kennedy.


Although Oddslotter still has him favorite to be re-elected, Biden’s place is in the dock as a war criminal and then off to an old folks’ home to be heard from no more.

The threats that Trump and Kennedy pose are not so much personal threats to Creepy Joe as they are to the gangster system he presides over.

Trump is a threat because he says what others will not say: that the United States is a predatory state that robs and loots at will.


And Kennedy is a threat because he points out the threats Big Pharma’s greed pose to all Americans and Big Pharma’s spokespersons like notorious narcissist Dr. Peter Hotez, won’t even debate him on Joe Rogan’s show for over $1 million in cash.

Although neither of these challengers criticize Israel, such criticisms are inconceivable because of the nature of NATO’s gangsters. Palestinians are little more than plastic ducks at a shooting arcade and heaven help any anti-Semite who might argue otherwise.

But even argument itself is now Boko Haram in NATO-stan. Donald Trump, remember, was banned from social media when he was POTUS, supposedly the world’s most powerful position.


Germany’s Greens, perhaps trying to reconnect to their Nazis past, have persecuted their own citizens for not being sufficiently Russophobic and Australia, Canada and Vichy Ireland are, as part of NATO’s plans of world conquest, introducing the most draconian hate speech laws that have drawn the ire of Joe Rogan, Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk.

And there is the rub. Rogan, Carlson and Musk are forming the backbone of an opposition that believe in such things as free speech and free, open and honest debate and such things present an existential threat to Biden and his fellow-fraudsters.


We shall remember…… Damascus, the Pearl of the East, the pride of Syria, the fabled garden of Eden, the home of princes and genii of the Arabian Nights, the oldest metropolis on Earth.


The one city in all the world that has kept its name and held its place and looked serenely on while the Kingdoms and Empires of four thousand years have risen to life, enjoyed their little season of pride and pomp, and then vanished and been forgotten.


And, as Eternal Damascus and her eternally gallant allies prepare to consign Biden, NATO-stan’s faux Little Caesar, to the trash bin of history, let us salute all of the great and good people of Syria, Palestine, Serbia, China and Russia.

Whom, at great cost, defied NATO and carried the banners of humanity not only for the Assange and Lira families but for all of us in the face of the butchers Biden, Macron and Zelensky sent against them.

May God bless them and their protectors, the heroic men and women of the Syrian Arab Army, now and forever.

Strategic Culture / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Paradox Para
Paradox Para
28-07-23 18:43

The Zionist crime rings are collapsing under their own weight?

28-07-23 18:45

comment image

29-07-23 03:38

Thats an inspirational and Statesmanlike article you have written Baronmaya its a pity other websites don’t come up to that high standard .

Sam Daniel
Sam Daniel
Reply to  Donnchadh
29-07-23 21:18

Agree, this site would have been much more famous and read by larger audience, but because of the content its is banned by Facebook, Google and other electronic warfare devices nowadays. In the end the truth prevails, hoping this website would still be alive by that time?