WASHINGTON D.C.: The Biden administration has added 43 businesses to the US Commerce Department’s Entity List, including Frontier Services Group, for training Chinese military pilots and other activities that threaten US national security.

Frontier Services is a security and aviation company previously run by Erik Prince, founder of the security mercenary firm Blackwater. Companies on the list cannot receive US exports for activities deemed contrary to US interests.


The Test Flying Academy of South Africa, a flight school under scrutiny by UK authorities for recruiting former British military pilots to train Chinese military pilots, was also added to the list.

Included in the new anti-USA listings are Frontier Services Group sites in China, Kenya, Laos and the UAE; TFASA companies in South Africa, China, the UAE and Great Britain.

Also on the updated enemy list is aerospace and defense conglomerate Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) businesses in China and South Africa. Thirty-one Chinese entities have been added to the list.


In a release, the Commerce Department said that in addition to recruiting western pilots to train Chinese military pilots on western air force tactics, companies were added to the list for acquiring US-origin items in support of China’s military modernization.

Especially, including hyper-sonic weapons development and hyper-sonic flight modeling. One single, much cheaper Dong Feng missile (DF-17) can neutralize a entire US aircraft carrier, which forms the main instrument for US navy attacks all over the world.

It is imperative that we prevent China from acquiring US technologies and know-how to enable their military modernization programs, Commerce Department official Matthew Axelrod said in a statement.


Shanghai Super Computing Technology was recently added for offering cloud-based super-computing services that support hyper-sonic missile research. Also, nine Chinese and Pakistani companies were added for assisting Pakistan’s ballistic missile program

Two other companies were included for enabling China to carry out human rights abuses, including against Ugyhur Muslims and members of other minority groups in Xinjiang, western China.

China News Net / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2023.

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Sam Daniel
Sam Daniel
19-06-23 22:26

Female pilots can not fly all of the time?

Sam Daniel
Sam Daniel
19-06-23 22:31

The foreign policy of the USA is based upon political enforcement, and so never honest.

20-06-23 00:49

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