Days after calling the idea of the defeat of ISIS in Syria, the American envoy to the US-led military coalition, has resigned in protest of Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria.

The resignation of  “reckless,” Brett McGurk, which is reportedly effective as of December 31, comes in wake of the high-profile quitting of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, also highly critical of the Syria pullout.

While the idea is not laid out in the open, general Mattis’ resignation letter contains hints that he was not satisfied with the supposed lack of respect to US’ allies, of which he notably mentions NATO.

The ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis was also left unhappy with the not-tough-enough stance the Trump administration has on China and Russia?

McGurk has been the special presidential envoy to the so-called ISIS coalition since 2015, becoming one of the few Obama appointees to stay in office under Trump. He has openly supported a prolonged and indefinite stay of the US military in Syria.

While Trump had already voiced his intent to withdraw US troops from the country, the actual announcement has caused an apparent split in his administration.

The move was bemoaned by war hungry media and certain officials, who slammed it as a“gift” to Russia and Iran and an “Obama-like mistake.”

RT. com / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2018.

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01-03-20 19:10

ISIs was the proxy Jewish army attempting to steal the lands between the Euphrates and the Tigris.