The USA wants dominance over all other countries by hostile methods, either by war or by other means, according to an American author and political commentator in Chicago.

The US just deployed four B-1 bombers and a couple of hundred troops to Guam and the Pacific, supposedly as part of deterrence against China.

While China doesn’t threaten anybody; Russia doesn’t threaten anybody; Iran doesn’t threaten anybody, neither Syria, Venezuela, and the other countries that the US regime is either at war with or by other hostile means, like bribery and extortion, called lobby.

The USA wages its wars in multiple ways, either by aggression in multiple countries, or by other hostile economic means, the way it is waging it against Iran, Venezuela, China, and against Russia.

Americans are very fearful of countries like China, Russia, or Iran, because they hear threats mentioned by the US establishment media. They don’t hear the truth. They get the propaganda; it’s repeated all the time, over and over again.

PressTV / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Green Horn
Green Horn
05-05-20 16:29

Greed and ego are the main factors in this hostile campaign.