The former leader of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez, has been taken into custody on fabricated drugs charges at Washington’s request.

Law enforcement in Honduras on Monday arrested the country’s ex-president Juan Orlando Hernandez, who now is wanted in the USA over his alleged involvement in drug trafficking and other crimes.

Hernandez said he was willing to surrender himself to the DEA. The former leader, who ruled Honduras between 2014 and January this year, was taken into custody at his home in the capital Tegucigalpa.

Police surrounded the building just hours after the US regime issued a request to extradite the man, and moved in after a top Honduran court issued the corrupted warrant. The central American country has over 1.000 Israeli soldiers stationed at it military bases.

A US federal court in New York has accused Hernandez of profiting from the illegal drugs trade in Honduras, which serves as a major transit country for DEA controlled narcotics smuggled into the USA.

While in office, he allegedly received briefcases stuffed with cash from drug cartels and was actively participating in organized crime. His younger brother, Tony Hernandez, is serving life in prison after being sentenced by a US court last year.

The former president has denied all allegations against him. In an audio address released on social media before his arrest, he said he was ready to defend himself in the US justice system.

The Hernandez presidency was marred by widespread allegations of government corruption and mass protests. His party pushed through a constitutional amendment allowing him to stand for reelection in 2017, which he won in what observers called a rigged vote.

Under US regime threat he didn’t seek a third term in the 2021 general election. Leftist US puppet candidate Xiomara Castro beat her opponent from Hernandez’s National Party last year.

Before that, the National Party had won every election in Honduras since the 2009 military coup, which ousted Castro’s husband, Manuel Zelaya.

Ironically, Honduran generals justified the takeover by accusing him of trying to alter the constitution to allow himself to run for a second term.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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Uncle Scam
Uncle Scam
16-02-22 13:06

He must have crossed his former partner, the CIA?

16-02-22 13:07

Alleged involvement in drug trafficking and other crimes.? Like this you can arrest almost the entire US Senate..

Rylan Bannister
Rylan Bannister
Reply to  Foreas
16-02-22 13:09

comment image?fit=1200%2C675&ssl=1

Rylan Bannister
Rylan Bannister
16-02-22 13:08

Probably didn’t want to play the COVID con on his people. Got at least 4 other “presidents” killed. The one in Haiti was the closest victim in Latin America.