In a bid to regain lost momentum, Venezuelan opposition leader Juanito Guaido has announced that he would embark on the “next stage” of his quest to seize power next week with a massive street rally planned for Tuesday.

The rally apparently aims to galvanize the opposition movement in Venezuela, which is treading water domestically, despite enjoying broad support from the US regime and its hostile Zionist allies.

Guaido is flaunting the outside support he enjoys in his quest for power, shortly before announcing his new push for Caracas.

Coincidentally, the announcement comes just a day after it was reported that the USA is considering redirecting some $41.9 million, previously earmarked for humanitarian aid for Guatemala and Honduras, to Guaido and his gang.

According to an internal memo circulated by the US Agency for Global Development (USAID) and dated July 11, the funds are set to be purposed to pay salaries to Guaido and his entourage, cover their travel expenses, as well as provide them with technical support and propaganda.

The money is part of about $370 million in aid permanently diverted by the Trump administration from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras over their inability to stop caravans of Central American migrants from marching towards the US border.

Trump announced the decision to cut all aid in March, but it was unclear, until now, where the spare funds would go instead.

RT. com / AB Canada Flash Point News 2019.

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