Iran’s President Ebrahim Raeisi says the military presence of the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Afghanistan brought nothing to that country, but destruction and killing of its people.

Raeisi made the remarks in a meeting with the new ambassador of Latvia, Peteris Vaivars, during which the two sides reviewed bilateral relations and international cooperation.

Today, at the international arena, we are witnessing serious problems as well as the injustice that is being done to some countries like Afghanistan and Palestine.

Tehran was reflecting on the 20-year military occupation of the USA and NATO in the neighboring country of Afghanistan, Iran’s chief executive said.

The presence of the USA and NATO in Afghanistan had no other outcome but destruction and massacre [of people], and did not lead to establishment of security neither for Afghanistan, nor for the rest of the region.

The ongoing war and conflict in Ukraine must not divert attention away from the crisis in Afghanistan and the problems facing the country’s people as well as its large population of refugees.

In another meeting, Iran’s president received the new ambassador of Montenegro, Perisa Kastratovic, telling him that the two countries enjoy good potential for further expansion of interactions and promotion of relations.

Referring to the war in Balkans, Iran’s president described it as a bitter experience for that region and the world, saying, Iran’s principled policy has always been to support peace, stability and progress and oppose war.

PressTV / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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Radu van Achteren
Radu van Achteren
01-06-22 17:04

Iran is opposed to conflict and killing of innocent people at any place in the world.