The Trump administration ordered six destroyers and one guided missile cruiser to the coast of Syria. Also the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group (HSTCSG) is being deployed to the Mediterranean Wednesday, where it will join the USS Donald Cook in a possible swarm offense off Syrian territorial waters.

The American warships can carry 60 tomahawk cruise missiles each. The Sachssen-class German frigate FGS Hessen (F 221) will also operate as part of the strike group during the first half of the deployment.

But the Russian armed defense forces can handle this planned barrage of 420 US war missiles all together. The Russian Navy has deployed 11 warships to defend the Syrian coastline. Also it has various S-300 and S-400 missile systems ready to intercept the American attack.

At the moment all parties, except the fascist regimes of Israel, France, UK and Saudi Arabia, are having peace talks in Geneva, Switzerland. But the evil US coalition wants to launch a rapid hostile attack before the UN can rule over the extremely explosive situation.

The US military already has invaded and occupied 25% of Syria, annexing 80% of the oil fields to cut of Syrian income and completely destroy the Assad movement, in order to wipe away their committed war crimes.

Since 2011, ISIS and the US coalition killed over 500.000 people and displaced 12 million Syrian citizens. The total damage inflicted by the evil hostile regimes is estimated @ $500 billion. China want to help build up the nation, after ISIS has been defeated by Syria, Russia and Hezbollah.

It is worth noting that it will take approximately 6-7 days for the group to cross the Atlantic at 30 knots, plus another 3-4 three days once it arrives in the Mediterranean, to reach Syria, suggesting a full-blown on attack may not take place until after April 22 or so.

Yesterday, guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook armed with 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles anchored off of Syrian territorial waters, and has reportedly been harassed by low-flying Russian warplanes, which have buzzed the Arleigh Burke class warship at least four times according to CNN Turk.

The Anti / AA-Magnum Analyst News 2018.

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Elza Tate
Elza Tate
02-02-23 20:34

In hindsight this has proven to have been useless?

Elza Tate
Elza Tate
02-02-23 20:55

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