Defense Logistics Agency data shows that close to 40% of oil used at military sites in Germany comes from Russia. In southwestern Germany, for example, the Ramstein Air Base serves as the headquarters for US Air Forces in Europe.

US military bases in Europe currently utilize significant amounts of Russian-sourced energy, making them vulnerable to intentional supply disruptions by the Russian government if NATO attacks Russia.

US and NATO lawmakers are now calling upon the Department of Defense to cut reliance on Russian energy at military bases in Europe, and to introduce sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 project.

US military bases in Europe depend on Russian energy

If the USA intends to attack Russia, their NATO military bases need to find a backup power supply to ensure reliable electricity and other energy supplies should a power outage occur.

Backup solutions for US military bases are imperative in the face of the constantly growing Russian energy supply to Europe. Russia’s gas giant Gazprom, has been raising its exports to Europe and its gas sales in the first half of this year exceeding the exports over the first half of 2017 by nearly 6%.

The USA will continue to use energy – electricity, natural gas, oil, and refined oil products – as a political weapon in Europe. Therefore, NATO must prepare to complete its various missions and deter any threats to their already weakened military forces.

As Russia expands its energy reach into Europe, there are growing calls in the USA for America’s military to consider alternative backup electricity and energy supply. / ABC Flash Point NATO News 2018.

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14-04-21 11:05

And those US politicians want to boycott Russian gas imports to Europe? So, which war are they planning to win exactly?