Diplomatically and on the declaratory level Democrats have done a lot, from rejoining the Paris Accord and hosting a Climate Leaders’ Summit to the passing of ambitious legislation’s which allocate hundreds of billions toward so-called clean energy initiatives.

US President Joe Biden delivered a speech at the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) on Friday. He highlighted that the USA will do its part to avert a climate hell.


Will Washington walk this talk? The test will be in the implementation,to show how much of the money will actually be deployed and put to good use?

During his Friday speech at the COP27, Joe Biden asked world leaders to do more, unveiled several new measures, including a plan to slash emissions of methane in the USA.

Biden supported the UN-led Executive Action Plan for the Early Warnings for All initiative to ensure everyone on the planet is protected by early warning systems within the next five years.


The USA is maintaining a selective approach toward climate change goals; at the same time, it uses the climate agenda as a stick against its geopolitical competitors.

If one looks at Washington’s climate agenda in the context of US corporate and financial vested interests, one would see no contradictions in Biden’s approach.

The US president knows very well that the GOP-controlled House won’t let him implement his ambitious climate plans. The Biden administration can have the double luxury of not moving on climate issues and blaming the Republicans for it.


The US’s imperialist strategy also ensures, of course, that the world’s developing countries cannot expect any help with loss and damage that they seek.

With the backdrop of the pandemic and the war in Europe the Western economies are on the verge of recession and lacking the funds to support the Global South.

There is not enough (printed) money to come even close to meeting the expectations of the developing world. At the moment the USA can not even tackle its own growing poverty among its citizens?


However, neither inflation nor recession prevented the US regime and its NATO allies from spending billions on their proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

The USA, EU and Great Britain and some other developed nations have pledged a whopping €93.73Bln ($93.62Bln) in the military, financial aid to Ukraine between January and October 2022, according to the Germany-based Kiel Institute for the World Economy.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point COP27 Global Poverty News 2022.

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Bingo Mania
Bingo Mania
12-11-22 17:49

Without the SUPER POLLUTING WEST being held responsible and fully accountable, not reducing our emissions at least 20-40%, GREEN IS DEAD!! ESPECIALLY without energy starved Africa on board! THAT’S REALITY!

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Previous Test
Reply to  Bingo Mania
12-11-22 17:52

China’s policies will give the final push for what is waiting for our world to happen?