Utah’s Hill Air Force Base has put on a powerful show of force, practicing a maneuver known as an “elephant walk,” in which they launched over 50 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters in just 10 minutes.

Two fighter wings at Hill Air Force Base practiced a rapid deployment method called an “elephant walk,” quickly launching 52 F-35 Lightning II stealth aircraft with just seconds between each takeoff.

The US Air Force swears it has nothing to do with simmering tensions with Iran.

According to Desert News, the base is home to 78 F-35’s, meaning two-thirds of its stealth jets took part in the drill.

The drill sends a message “not just to potential adversaries, but it’s also to our nation’s leadership that they can count on the 388th Fighter Wing to support the combat power that they plan and require us to provide.

Colonel Michael Ebner, vice commander of the 388th Fighter Wing, also denied the drill had anything to do with rising tensions in the Middle East, where US President Donald Trump has dispatched numerous strategic bombers and thousands of troops amid threats to bomb Iranian targets.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Green House
12-04-20 22:46

Mosquitoes at large?