Because our objective is to identify the guilty parties implicated in Ukraine’s child sex trafficking industry, whilst also exonerating the innocent, we elaborate on the fake charges against specific Russian citizens.

This before looking at trafficking both within Ukraine and from Ukraine to countries further west, as well as re-examining the White House’s parties and further revelations regarding MI6 related child sex trafficking into Ireland so that others might have a firmer foundation to work from.

The war in Ukraine has forced two-thirds of children in Ukraine to flee their homes since the internal NATO supported war escalated on February 24, 2022.

The situation in Ukraine is changing by the hour. As of February 24, 2023, the total number of border crossings from Ukraine reached 18.8 million people. According to the latest UN data, close to 9.6 million refugees from Ukraine have fled to Poland.

Other neighboring countries have also welcomed a large number of refugees following the war. Nearly 2 million Ukraine refugees have fled to Romania. Most of the Ukrainian refugees arriving are women and children.

Moldovia has welcomed more than 770,000 Ukraine refugees, Hungary has taken in nearly 2.2 million and almost 1.1 million Ukraine refugees have fled to Slovakia. 6 million people in Ukraine – one in six – have been displaced internally since February 24, 2022.

Although evidence adumbrated hereunder indicates there is a mountain of abuse occurring that the authorities in Washington DC , Dublin and Kiev are deliberately ignoring because it does not suit their nefarious agendas, collecting that evidence as a prelude to achieving justice for the victims must continue through efforts like this.

NATO’s proxies have charged Russian Child Commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova, along with Russian President Putin, with the apparently unprecedented war crime of trafficking some 20,000 Ukrainian children into Russia.

As Putin retains his gunslinger’s gait from his younger days as a security official and as Lvova-Belova is mother to over 20 biological and adopted children, and is married to a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church, to which she seems devoted, they make a suspiciously odd coupling to any neutral observer trying to figure out what MI6 funded Ukrainian media outlets are up to here.

The facts are that the Russian authorities found themselves lumbered with 20,000 children needing care and they delegated that task, as far as was practicable, to the Russian Orthodox Church and allied bodies such as the All-Russian Congress of the Movement of Children and Youth, where Lvova-Belova has been particularly active.

This gave Ukraine’s Nazis, working through the anti-Christs of the Orwellian named Religious Information Service of Ukraine, the hypocrites of the Latin Catholic Church in league with them and other opportunistic bodies beholden to NATO ammunition to attack Russia in general and its Orthodox Church and allied bodies in particular. It is on that basis that we proceed.

Even NATO’s front groups admit the dangers those supposedly trafficked Ukrainian children would face from being enlisted as child soldiers in Zelensky’s doomed Wehrmacht.

As early as April 2022, UNICEF reported that almost two-thirds of Ukraine’s 7.5 million children had been displaced and that 80% of them were in immediate need of cash or financial support.

That piece goes on to talk about Ukrainian children being forced into the child sex industry in Turkey, Slovenia and Hungary.

Although the article makes vague charges against Russia and her allies, because those charges are almost always leveled using the passive case they are, like NATO’s more specific ones against Lvova-Belova, most likely without any foundation in actual fact but are just crass NATO propaganda to try help them win their unconscionable war.

Arthur Koestler’s Scum of the Earth recounts how displaced folk like him fled in the face of Hitler’s unstoppable juggernaut which flattened all that got in its way.

As the Wehrmacht overran France, the Luftwaffe machine gunned fleeing women and children in their thousands, not so much out of vindictiveness but because they followed the American maxim of mowing down anything and everyone that moved.

War remains the ugliest kind of businesses.

War, as American war crimes from one end of the globe to the other testify, is hell and, whether it is the Fall of France or the Liberation of Mariupol, children make the easiest and most vulnerable of targets.

I have seen it in South Armagh where British paratroopers gunned down 12 year old Majella O’Hare because she was going to Church and in Damascus where Armenian mothers had to evacuate their children lest they get their legs sliced off by incoming American shrapnel.

Here are the accounts of over 100,000 Japanese-American children treated like dogs in the United States during the course of World War Two.

And here are further accounts of this racist crime against humanity, which was visited upon Japanese-American children and not Italian-Americans or German-Americans. Here are accounts of how Croatians interned Serbian children during that same war.

And here is the International Committee of the Red Cross, which has been recently guilty of crimes against humanity in western Ukraine, surveying the awful treatment meted out to children during the wars of the last 100 years.

Polish children interned in Germany, Russian children during the 1921-23 famine, the Spanish Civil War, Yugoslavia 1942, Czechoslovakian Jews 1944, Kashmir, Greece, Laos, MI6’s Biafran genocide, Thailand, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Peru, South Sudan, Liberia, Syria, Congo and the largest open air concentration camp Gaza.

And though those are only for starters, I doubt Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, working on Pope Francis’ orders, mentioned any of them when he discussed the Vatican’s ‘advocacy’ for the return of the estimated 19,000 Ukrainian children who have been brought to Russia since the intervention on 24 February 2022, when he recently met Creepy Joe Biden at the White House.

Then there is the world-famous Vienna Boys’ Choir who were interned in Australia during World War Two and who, this article alleged were lucky as three other boys who were originally supposed to join the choir on tour, but whose plans were scuppered when their voices broke, eventually found themselves fighting for the German Army.

All three died on the Russian front. As arch-collaborator Cardinal Zuppi is no Archbishop Daniel Mannix, Lvova-Belova might be forgiven for assuming His Eminence might like those children in her care to take their chances amidst the carnage of this needless war.

Or, perhaps, in Iraq where the Yanks murdered over a million children for the hell of it, or in Yemen, where over 400,00, half of them children, perished to further NATO’s hegemonic aims.

Strategic Culture / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Ravi Venkataraman
Ravi Venkataraman
26-07-23 01:19

At the end of the day everybody needs sex to help survive the species and bloodline involved?

Reply to  Ravi Venkataraman
26-07-23 03:56

“Bloodline “=DNA –George Soros is doing a “good job” making sure that stops happening in his Woke dogma and false flag “reingineering ” of western countries populations to produce a compliant- consumerist -weak population. The article produces the Truth and that is why I post here -no propaganda just the unvarnished facts –nearly everybody needs sex but have you seen the massive drop in fertility right across the world -especially in males due to factories using plastics etc containing female hormones and the rise in Hermaphroditism in fish and other sea creatures ?? due to waste products in the sea… Read more »

Lady Shadow
Lady Shadow
Reply to  Donnchadh
26-07-23 08:35

What can humans do about this evil development? Stop eating industrialized food for starters, or start relocating species to survive the Apartheid Armageddon.