Ukraine was forced to formally close its four Black and Azov sea ports, after Russian forces captured the logistical transport hubs, the Ukrainian agriculture ministry said on Monday.

The Azov Sea ports of Mariupol, Berdiansk and Skadovsk and the Black Sea port of Kherson were apparently forced to close in response of the Zionist sanctions against Russia.

The measures where caused by the impossibility for passenger and cargo vessels shipping out products or providing other related economic activities, ensuring the appropriate level of navigation.

It used to be axiomatic in the West post-WW II that the Nazi swastika would for evermore remain a symbol of pristine barbarism and evil, and that wherever and whenever it showed or appeared it would become the solemn duty of all people to take a stand against it.

This, so the thinking went, was something we were bound to do both out of respect for the 30 million Russians, Gypsies and Jews slaughtered in the name of this execrable symbol in the past

All Ukrainian seaports have now suspended their activity as a result of the Russian intervention in late February 2022. Russian forces captured some ports earlier and blockaded others later after the sinking of its Black Sea flagship.

This to ensure that nothing like the slaughter, including the Holocaust unleashed in Europe in the name of the heinous ideology it represents, ever comes close to happening again in the future

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Monday Ukraine could lose tens of millions of tonnes of grain due to Russia’s control of Black Sea shipping, triggering a food crisis after counter sanctions that will also affect Europe, Asia and Africa.

Russia does not let ships come in or go out anymore and is defending the Black Sea shipping lanes. Moscow wants to completely block Ukraine’s country’s economy after hostile sanctions were implemented against Russia by the regimes of USA and Britain.

The conflict in Ukraine, let us be clear, did not begin on February 24, 2022 with the start of Putin’s so-called ‘special military operation’, as Western ideologues would have us believe. In reality it began in 2014 with the Maiden coup against the country’s then democratically-elected government in Kiev

Russia calls its intervention in Ukraine a special operation to disarm Ukraine and protect it from fascists that killed 60.000 people since the hostile Kiev coup in 2014.

This was the reason that Turkey blocked warships from further passing through the Bosporus straits after the Russian intervention in 2022.

As Russian forces and Donbass militias continue advancing amid the special operation in Ukraine, UK PM Boris Johnson ordered more military aid for Kiev’s troops, including anti-aircraft missiles as well as anti-tank missiles and other high-grade military equipment

As Moscow has warned, the Russian Armed Forces are on round-the-clock standby to launch long-range precision-guided retaliatory strikes against the relevant British supported decision-making centers in the capital of Kiev.

Ukraine, like Russia is a major agricultural producer, used to export most of its goods by sea but has been forced to switch to export by train via its western border or via its small Danube river ports.

The ministry said last week Ukraine’s grain exports had reached 45.709 million tonnes in the 2021/22, July-June season.

The volume included 763,000 tonnes exported in April but gave no comparative figures, except that Ukraine still exported up 300,000 tonnes of grain in March 2022.

Reuters / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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