Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has announced that men without military experience will be banned from leaving the country as long as martial law is in effect.

The statement was posted on the president’s website on Monday in response to a petition urging that men between the ages 18 and 60 be allowed to travel abroad.

The petition, which was signed by over 27,000 people, says many Ukrainian men are unfit for military service but could be useful in other fields.

The author argued that if these people were allowed to work abroad, they could help refugees and send back money to aid the military, which, the text says, already has enough capable people.

Fighting should be fought by able-bodied people. We have many IT, social, creative, technical, and other specialists who can fight on the information front and be more useful working abroad, helping our refugees and supporting the army with earned funds.

According to Ukrainian law, if an online petition receives more than 25,000 signatures, the president must issue a response.

Zelensky replied by pointing to Article 64 of the constitution, which states that freedom of movement may be limited for Ukrainian citizens in the event of an emergency or the introduction of martial law.

The president explained that according to the constitution, during a period of martial law, the constitutional rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen may be limited.

The abolition of these restrictions is expected to be carried out after the end of the legal regime of martial law.

Ukraine’s Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, approved Zelensky’s decree introducing martial law in the country on February 24, 2022, after Moscow launched its military operation against Kiev.

The Rada has since extended the period of martial law several times, most recently prolonging it for an additional 90 days, until November 21, 2022.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Blog News 2022.

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16-08-22 21:37

“Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has announced that men without military experience will be banned from leaving the country” Cannon fodder does not require military experience.

Reply to  War+Peace
16-08-22 21:38

Where are all the feminist Nazi’s, where is the outrage? Women should be allowed/forced to take their share in the military!

Reply to  HamKaas
16-08-22 21:39

Stay tuned, so Zelensky will put women in the army as Israel does … In the absence of men will end women too …

Reply to  CapBill
16-08-22 21:54

He has already started doing this –female battalions already made up– as you know the UK government military adverts have all “bombed ” -sorry about the pun–due to their PC & Woke nature .The UK is well under the numbers it needs –it refuses to show white males who are heterosexual as masculine and that fact – nothing to do with racism — but they obey strident feminists . The feminists have now got their way in this very latest advert — females on the front line ,hope they are “okay ” with getting arms and legs blown off –still… Read more »

Waryaa Moxamad
Waryaa Moxamad
16-08-22 21:41

With handful of people, you can literally hijack a government, then shutoff any opposition media and political parties to seal the deal, and that is exactlywhat happened. Zelensky run on a platform to end the war in Donbass and fulfill the Minsk agreement, but that was just to allow him to seize the office, and now there is no opposition party or media speaking to the Ukranian people, but him and his henchmen are bunch of thugs with puppet strings pulled from Langley and Pentagon.