British property developers have caused outrage after covering trees in massive nets to keep out birds and get around rules preventing the cutting down of nesting grounds.

Furious residents and conservationists took to Twitter to complain after the developers netted trees to keep the birds away during the peak nesting season.

A council leader called the move “unacceptable” and author Philip Pullman branded the netting as as “ugly, wicked and destructive”.

The Walnut Tree Park housing development, being built by Sladen Estates, have covered numerous trees in Guildford, Surrey, with nets to stop birds nesting in them.

The move is thought to be because, under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, it is unlawful for them to cut down trees containing nesting birds.

It is not just birds that cannot get to the trees, think of the insects trapped without thought or care too, it’s sickening, our culture has evolved to be quite vile.

Disgraceful behavior and equally as bad as the illegal destruction of nests. This is just another example of us trying to squeeze nature into smaller and smaller spaces.

News Punch / ABC Flash Point Wildlife News 2019.

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20-06-22 21:41

Eco-terrorism at the highest level?