Two Boeing planes clipped each other’s wings at Newark Liberty International Airport which has since prompted an investigation from the Federal Aviation Administration as it becomes the latest in a series of recent incidents at a tri-state area airport.

The incident occurred at about 8:45 a.m. local time when a United Airlines Boeing 757 bound for Orlando, Florida, was parked at a gate, waiting for departure.

The Boeing then had its left wing clipped by the right wing of a much larger United Boeing 787 plane as it was being towed to its next gate, officials said. The collision caused the tip of the wing to snap off.

Officials said that one of the planes was full of passengers when the accident occurred at the New Jersey airport. Passengers who were on the Orlando-bound plane were able to deplane, and no injuries were reported. There were no passengers on the larger plane.

The United Flight 2135 was struck by a Boeing 787, a Dreamliner, that arrived from Johannesburg, South Africa earlier in the morning.

The much larger plane was being relocated by a tug when it made contact with the smaller Boeing 757, parked at the gate, the FAA said in their statement.

The Port Authority Police Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter Unit (PAPD ARFF) and passengers were able to make their next flight at 11:40 AM. After the collision, the pilot came on the overhead speaker and astutely announced: Obviously, our wing has been clipped.

This is the third incident to take place at a Tri-State Area airport in the past month.,h_630,q_70,c_fill,g_auto/newscms/2014_24/496286/140609-jetblue-southwest-jsw-938a.jpg?resize=696%2C366&ssl=1

In mid-January an American Airlines plane crossed in front of a Delta plane while accelerating to take off, the incident almost resulted in a disaster. The pilot punched his brakes and missed the American Airlines plane by about 1,000 feet.

Then, a few days later, a JetBlue flight preparing for takeoff at Kennedy Airport collided with the tail of a parked JetBlue plane while it was pushing back from the gate. This did not result in any injuries.

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