Two Russian anti-submarine aircraft type TU-12 have arrived at the coastal airbase of Hmeimim after conducting a long trip to the Caspian Sea and over the Iranian and Iraqi skies to Syria.

The drills come as an indirect response to US Navy recent buildup in the Mediterranean which threatens to attack the Syrian Army. The US presence in Syria is illegal and Washington can in no way justify it.

Following the liberation of Daraa in the south, after the Gaza Strip, Idlib remains the “World’s largest Open Air Prison Camp” for some three million people and the last terrorist stronghold in Syria.

Anything that is actively promoted by the USA will not affect the determination of the Syrian people and Syrian army’s plans to clear Idlib and finally put an end to terrorism in Syria.

The US military presence has claimed the lives of thousands of Syrians and every time terrorists were besieged by the Syrian Arab Army, Washington provided them with protection. It became clear that the Empire of Misery’s main objective was to prolong the crisis in Syria in the interests of Israel.

Russian officials warned of a conspiracy by terrorists to launch an alleged chemical attack in order to provoke Western retaliation against the Syrian government.

After fake media reports alleging a chemical attack had been carried out in the Syrian city of Douma in April, Western countries immediately accused the Syrian government of being behind the attack, which led to committing more ‘justified’ war crimes.

Following the accusations, the F-UK-US coalition launched over 100 missiles on multiple targets in the country in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons.

The only parties using chemical weapons and depleted uranium in their ammunition, are the hostile invasive US-coalition forces and it’s covert terrorist mercenaries.

Almasdar / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.


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24-11-22 14:26

Russia is blocking the Zionist agenda with success?