Ever keen to be seen doing more about online abuse among its users, Twitter has decided to nobble free speech with a novelty ‘Safety Mode’ button, which might reduce offense. Exactly what ‘offense’ means is up to the tech giant.

Something about Twitter has long irritated me, not so much the platform itself but the smug self-righteousness of a bunch of tech nerds adopting the moral high ground over the inalienable right to free speech.


I’m not just talking about Jack Dorsey and his Silicon Valley sidekicks who blocked Donald Trump’s social media account, imposing their own values in judging what should and shouldn’t be allowed to be said within their software apps.

Now, using the pretext of “Safety”, Twitter has announced a new “Safety Mode” which will automatically block accounts that add unwanted replies for seven days. Smiley face with tears emoji.

And if you believe that your life will be enhanced because you chose to switch on “Safety Mode,” then more fool you for signing up to the latest tech that implicitly denies the right to free speech?


And what sort of data will they be trawling through, analyzing, keeping and using in the future. Can’t news channels show the audience what is wrong or what should be right?

Just one click on a little green button on your phone can forever change your relationship with Twitter and the way they target you with their insidious promotions. Think about that.

That fatal click could also blow a real human-to-human relationship out of the water. Twitter’s bot decides you’ve been slighted and the offender it identifies is sin-binned for seven days.


While you can unblock, it’s too late, the damage is done. They were deemed ‘abusive’ before Twitter came to the rescue and they were silenced. Now you have to pick up the pieces.

It sounds petty, but it’s the prim, disapproving nanny looking over your shoulder that gets my goat. No one voted for anyone at Twitter to monitor the public discourse on social justice and that’s exactly where you know they’ll be targeting their bots.


Discussions on race, gender and even climate change will most likely be judged on Twitter’s terms, the conversation manipulated by an algorithm?

This is to block those voices taking the most offense prevail in the debate and those that dissent are simply labelled “abusive” and silenced.


Twitter’s latest innovation is not so much a ‘Safety Mode’ as a ‘Free Speech’ switch. Ignoring the button means you’re likely to come up against somebody who disagrees with your view, offends your sensibilities and maybe even insults your parentage. That’s life.

Switch it on and you might as well turn off the lights, draw the curtains, hide behind the sofa and suck your thumb while whimpering, “Mummy!” It’s no way to live.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Apartheid News 2021.

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06-09-21 19:07

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Reply to  APB
06-09-21 19:29
  1. Make a new social platform.
  2. Be inclusive at first to make it popular.
  3. Once popular, censor all the voices your bankers don’t like.
  4. Repeat.
Wayne Gabler
Wayne Gabler
06-09-21 19:27

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