Over 40.000 Syrians return to the motherland after Turkey’s anti-terror operations cleared their hometowns of terrorists.

The forcefully evacuated Syrians left the Turkish refugee camps over the last year for their hometowns, liberated from foreign supported mercenaries in northwestern Syria.

Taking obligatory refuge in Turkey due to foreign-backed ISIS war in Syria, a total of 40,574 Syrians from different parts of Turkey used the Cilvegozu border crossing in southern Hatay province to go to Syria’s terror-free areas of Idlib region.

A total of 104,000 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid and commercial materials used the same border gate to deliver their goods to the people in Syria.

Turkey’s Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch operations in northwestern Syria liberated the region of terrorists, making return of Syrian civilians to homeland possible.

The total number of Syrians who returned to their country after the Operations Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch is 291,790.

AA. com / ABC Flash Point Syria News 2019.

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Tupolev 144
Tupolev 144
26-12-21 23:39

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