Germany is bracing for the return of more suspected German citizens and ISIS mercenary supporters that are deported from Turkey and repatriated.

A family of seven German-Iraqi nationals arrived in Berlin this week. Given that there are no standing arrest warrants, the family will return to its home in Lower Saxony, though under police observation.

According to Turkish authorities, Kanan B. tried to travel to Syria with his family about a year ago. They had been in Turkish custody in Izmir since March 2019.

The German government warned against media-fueled hysteria on Thursday, with interior policy spokesman Armin Schuster making clear that returnees should not be considered an immediate threat to public security.

Two more women are expected in the following days from Turkey that will be detained at the airport for questioning. Prosecutors will then decide whether there is enough evidence to issue an arrest warrant.

Critics have argued that German prosecutors have little chance of bringing cases against ISIS members because of the difficulty of proving their suspected roles in the war in Syria.

Ninety-five German suspected ISIS supporters are believed to be in custody in Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. The German police have opened 33 investigations for 26 cases. For now, they won’t be sent to prison, but they have to be kept under surveillance.

At the same time, dozens are voluntarily returning, while the Violence Prevention Network is working with several inmates in de-radicalisation programs focusing on youth.

New Europe / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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