US president, Donald Trump threatened to deploy the US military to close the US-Mexico border as a caravan of 4,000 refugees fleeing Honduras in search of asylum approached the southern border of Mexico.

Trump demanded that Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico all to use armed force in order to stop the possible immigrants heading for the USA.

As the migrant marchers, many of them mothers with young children, moved northwest en route to the United States, they chanted and waved Honduran flags and greeted onlookers, who delivered donations of food and water.

In addition to stopping all US payments to these impoverished Central Americans, like this these Vatican instructed governments seem to have almost no more control over their populations anymore.

These international crimes were overseen by Democratic Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The immigrants are gaining widespread popularity for denouncing the inequality, corruption and state violence that plague all of Central America.

These Honduran workers and impoverished peasants are fleeing a country ravished by imperialist exploitation and US-backed death squads and thrown into disarray by the 2009 coup that overthrew the country’s elected president Manuel Zelaya.

Deploying the armed forces to “seal the border” poses the threat of mass arrests, mass detention and extensive military checkpoints.

It raises the specter of martial law and violates the democratic principle of posse comitatus, which bars the military from carrying out law enforcement activities within the USA.

For now the Mexican government has responded to Trump’s orders by preparing to carry out the dirty work of his administration’s crackdown on immigrants, including physical repression.

Black airplanes carrying several hundred Mexican federal police armed with riot gear arrived at the Mexico-Guatemala border. Helicopters were also deployed to monitor the border region.

However, the threat to deploy the US military forces to the Mexican border was greeted with outrage across Mexico, a country that lost half its territory to US invasion in the Mexican-American war of 1846-48 and was invaded by the USA on multiple occasions during the Mexican Revolution of 1910-20.

Trump’s threats and the willingness of the Democratic Party to help him conduct the crackdown on immigrants underscore the sharp threats posed to the working class, immigrant and non immigrant alike.

The ruling class is preparing to respond to the class struggle in the same way that it is moving against immigrants: with repressive violence and martial law.

World Socialist Web Site / ABC Flash Point News 2018.

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