Joe Biden leads US President Donald Trump in electoral votes yet both still have a chance to reach the magic number of 270 – and with it the keys to the White House. Several states are still to play for, with votes still being counted.

Trump finds it fishy that all of a sudden some states could not finish the counting of the mail votes, which could be manipulated by digital fraud again. He wants the Supreme Court to have a look at the fabricated results, leaving the outcome in jeopardy.

  • Seven states still undecided: Biden (+43) leads in Arizona (11), Michigan (16), Nevada (6) and Wisconsin (10), Trump (+51) in Pennsylvania (20), North Carolina (15) and Georgia (16). If the deck stays like this Trump could win with 271 electoral votes.
  • The election is likely to hinge on postal votes, which are still being counted.
  • Trump has predicted a “big win”, claiming – without evidence – that Democrats are trying to “steal” the election.
  • Biden has called for patience, saying he is “on track” to win the White House race.
  • America set for its highest voter turnout in over a century, with more than 100 million votes cast before Election Day.

Democrats are forecast to keep control of the U.S. House after Tuesday’s elections, but with at least six incumbents losing their seats and others in jeopardy Republicans have likely chipped away at their majority.

Among the Democrats defeated were several elected in the 2018 “blue wave” that swept the party into the House majority, as well as with Agriculture Chairman Collin Peterson, who has represented his Minnesota district since 1991.

n Florida, Democratic Representative Debbie Mucarsel-Powell was defeated by Republican Carlos Gimenez, the mayor of Miami-Dade County. Democrat Donna Shalala, former Health and Human Services secretary, lost to Republican Maria Elvira Salazar, a broadcast journalist. Both districts have large Latino populations.

There were 13 other Democrats trailing or in tight races in Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, Iowa, Virginia and California. The surprise ballot dumps could prove devastating for Trump. The fake media already called him a bad loser and want Biden to win.

Democrats also are on the verge of failing in their quest for a Senate majority meaning, they might have to shelve their most ambitious plans for health care, fighting climate change and responding to the Corona-virus epidemic.

It’s not over until every vote is counted,” Pelosi told supporters, pointing to races in her home state of California and elsewhere in the western U.S. that haven’t yet been called.

France 24 / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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04-11-20 13:27

All of a sudden dumped weekend email votes appear?

Reply to  Batman
04-11-20 13:27

Knowing these favor Biden, claiming 66,6%?