President Donald Trump officially founded the US Space Force, which is the first newly established military service since 1947, when the Air Force was launched.

The US Space Force on Friday, proclaiming that “Among grave threats to our national security, American superiority in space is absolutely vital.“ Space Force was created as part of a $1.4 trillion national security bill President Trump signed into law before the weekend.

Trump signed the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, which will provide money for various top defense corporations. Space Force’s leader will be the commander of U.S. Space Command Air Force General John W. Raymond.

Space Force won’t be putting troops in space. It also won’t be its own military department, instead it will be operating under the Secretary of the Air Force.

The $1.4 trillion budget includes funding for the Pentagon and other government spending. The spending budget will also provide money to the USA-Mexico border fence and reverse automatic spending cuts to certain programs.

The new military service will start with around 200 people and have a $40 million budget for its first year. This is small compared to other American military services.

The new service will provide force to U.S. Space Command, which was formed earlier in 2019. It’s still not clear how the Space Force and U.S. Space Command will divvy up roles.

News Punch / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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