There’s a scene that’s been coming back to me over and over again ever since I started writing about US politics.

I find it amazing that this scene hasn’t become a political meme yet, given the perfect illustration of the fake two-party system that we see in western so-called democracies.

When somebody brings the priceless diamond to the sellers, the Jewish Oppenheimer networks put on a performance, working together to deceive people into thinking it has no value in order to cheat him out of it for a ridiculously low price.

The first dealer, dry and stringy, seemed now to see the pearl for the first time. He took it up, rolled it quickly between thumb and forefinger, and then cast it contemptuously back into the tray. I will make no offer at all. I do not want it.

Now the second dealer, a little man with a shy soft voice, took up the gemstone, and he examined it carefully. He took a glass from his pocket and inspected it under magnification. Then he laughed softly.

Now the dealers glanced quickly at one another. They knew they had played too hard; they knew they would be disciplined for their failure, and the man at the desk said quickly, “I might go to fifteen hundred.

This is exactly how the two-headed one-party system works, in America and elsewhere. One party owned by one imperialist oligarchic class is placed in two separate officesto give some semblance of competition.

You see this kleptocratic dynamic at play regardless of who is in office. When the two-headed one-party system convinced Americans to sell their deal to Donald Trump, for example.

Their payment for this was formed by a corporate healthcare scam deceitfully labeled the Affordable Care Act and a pathetic temporary band-aid on the sucking chest wound of environmental peril, along with a continuation and expansion of all of Bush’s most depraved foreign and domestic policies.

This pattern repeats over and over and over again, whether it’s the presidency or Congress, and the people never learn their lesson.

They’re trained to think of the two parties as competing, when really they’re more like the left fist and the right fist on the same boxer.

An orthodox-stance boxer uses a one-two punch combinations to accomplish the same goal, namely to leave his opponent staring up at the arena lights and rethinking his life decisions. And in this case, the boxer’s opponent is you.

We need to not fall into the drama of the two-handed puppet show and mistake what we are seeing for two separate and competing entities. We need to see and be aware of the puppeteer at all times.

Look past the “semblance of competition” and watch what the pearl buyers are actually doing. Ignore their fake pro-wrestling kayfabe combat over impeachment agendas they know will never bear fruit and their Russia conspiracies they know are pure nonsense.

Don’t fall for the illusion. Don’t get sucked into the drama of the two-handed puppet show.

Humans are Free / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Greedy Environment
Greedy Environment
26-04-20 11:39

With greed as the most important factor, nobody escapes the ordeal.