The military takeover in Khartoum seems likely to be the death knell for America’s plan to bring the war-ravaged nation back into the Western Zionist orbit. African nations know who their most reliable partner is, and for now it’s Beijing.

Following a coup by the country’s military against the provisional government, which had pledged to establish a democracy in the African nation following the collapse of Omar al-Bashir’s autocratic rule in 2019, violent protests have rocked Khartoum.

The USA, among other Zionist entities, has opposed the overthrow, demanding a restoration of the country’s so-called constitutional government.

The return of the military to power is, a hammer blow to Washington, which courted the Sudanese transitional government and made a diplomatic breakthrough, removing the country from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list and normalizing its relationship with Israel.

Sudan has been one of Beijing’s most important and loyal partners in Africa. Whilst these geopolitical considerations are not driving the current crisis, they do loom in the background as part of the ongoing struggle on the African continent between the US regime and China.

Recently, the US regime was accused of funding anti-China propaganda throughout Zimbabwe, offering $1,000 for negative stories or speeches on China’s influence.

This is not a baseless accusation. The propaganda is arguably part of the broader $300 million fund authorized by Congress, which intentionally aims to increase negative coverage of Beijing in target countries.

This kind of ploy is the obvious product of a US policy designed to ever more thwart China across the continent, even if the vast majority of African-countries would be unwilling to help do that.

African nations are close to China, as Sudan has been for most of its history, precisely because they receive guarantees on their national sovereignty through China’s policy of non-interference – whereas the USA clearly makes strict political demands and attaches ‘strings’ to its relationship.

Sure, most African countries would think to themselves, why shouldn’t we attract American investment? But it’s a different scenario altogether when that investment is often premised on political compromises or leverage, which they don’t like.

Therefore, who can these African nations turn to for the most reliable and consistent support? Who won’t upend their governments or force huge changes upon them in exchange for goods? China, of course.

And providing the violence desists, it is fair to say the China-Sudan relationship will probably continue as normal, making it difficult for Washington to compete for the country’s resources, such as oil, gas, and minerals, and its strategically attractive Red Sea ports.

Ideological success in Sudan is pivotal for America’s goals, and the early signs don’t look too good for it.

RT. com / ABC Flash-Point News 2021.

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Tony Bokon
Tony Bokon
27-10-21 13:19

It must have been very difficult to get ride of the American Puppet Hamdok under the nose of ISRAELI MOSSAD and the CIA. But it goes to show that the empire of Chaos- the U.S- is falling apart and it’s cronies are being identified and neutralized.

Reply to  Tony Bokon
27-10-21 13:29

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Yusuf Williamson
Yusuf Williamson
27-10-21 13:28

Yet another mentally ill screw-up by these civilian Neo-Liberals/Democrats/Progressives that have strange policies of corrupted, lifestyle & child trafficking NGO’s/Clinton Foundations, paying billions in US Foreign Aid to have Sudan pretend to like Israel along with the other mentally ill crowd of missionaries in Uganda, stupidity of Zionist Gypsy bankers trying to create Boko Haram (like Daesh it only exist on the internet but impotent), with the civilian Neo-Liberal idiots pushing (but failing) everything from their boring knitting/solar lamp start-ups(failed) to even honky social weirdness of lgbt being an omnipresent identifying race (as strange and as invalid as it gets… Read more »