In early April, WordPress experienced an unexpected suspension of our Twitter API access.

This access is what powers Jetpack Social, which in turn helps you automatically share your blog posts to Twitter. Though the service was restored that same day, it turns out that there were bigger changes looming on the horizon.

Twitter decided, on short notice, to dramatically change the terms and pricing of the Twitter API. We have attempted to work with Twitter in good faith to negotiate new terms, but we have not been able to reach an agreement.

As a result, the Twitter connection on Jetpack Social will cease to work, and your blog posts will no longer be auto-shared to Twitter.

The audience will still be able to share your posts to Twitter manually by pasting the post link into the body of your tweet.

In addition, WordPress can still auto-share your posts to Tumblr, Facebook, and Linkedin.

In the near future, we are adding the ability to auto-share to Instagram and Mastodon. We are continuing to release new features in Jetpack Social, so keep an eye on the Jetpack blog for more updates.

Jetpack Security provides easy‑to‑use, comprehensive WordPress site security so you can focus on running your business.

WP apologizes for any inconvenience this causes for your website and marketing efforts.

WP wished the outcome had been different, but our customers are always our primary concern, and we’re not willing to compromise the experience or value you receive from Jetpack.

Jetpack / ABC Flash-Point Media News 2023.

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Lady Shadow
Lady Shadow
18-05-23 14:06

Mus\k and his devious mind control games?

18-05-23 14:50

WordPress has effectively been priced out of direct access to Twitter via Jetpack by a large increase in price because of the greed of EM–MS has also dropped Twitter via MS ADS .

43 % of the entire web is powered by WordPress it was the first online app I used relating to posting .

Lady Shadow
Lady Shadow
Reply to  Donnchadh
18-05-23 15:23

So cutting off WP access to Twitter has a large impact?

Reply to  Lady Shadow
19-05-23 03:53

Correct LS.