Biden’s supporters are manipulating the polls and planning to cheat on mail-in ballots and use other dirty tricks to seize victory, this time around. During the previous election the Democrats failed to accomplish a victory for Hillary Clinton.

The USA mainstream media will blatantly lie in their ink and broadcasts day after day to smear President Trump, skewing an election poll to achieve a victory is a no-brainer.

The media, not just CNN and NBC, but even ‘mainstream’ players are now pumping out only 24/7 anti-Trump propaganda. Their main intent is to demoralize Trump supporters, so they won’t bother to vote.

No party would present Biden as a viable candidate if they did not believe they had another avenue to an easy win. Democrats have indeed perfected the fraud avenue.

We haven’t a clue how deeply it is set in place, but you can bet it isn’t just mail-in ballots. Democrats have proven to ruthless.

The running of fake polls showing that Biden is way ahead so that most will not question the cheating when it happens. All assets are being used because the Democrats and the Deep State are fighting for their lives to not get prosecuted.

Part of the liberal mindset is their firm conviction in their intellectual superiority. The polling only serves to bolster their sense of predestined victory over the deplorables.

This hubris is an essential ingredient in the tears-and-impotent-rage cocktail they will serve for not losing again. Last time, its was Russian powerhouse Kaspersky that blocked  digital fraud from happening.

Media folk think they’re smarter and better informed than we rubes. As a class, they’re still in shock and mourning that Hillary Rodham Clinton lost in 2016. That she lost to “a reality-TV star” is even more galling.

If a man can win an election under these circumstances, it will be one of the greatest feats ever. These are perilous times in America – so will the troops back the President’s call if it comes?

RT. com / ABC Flash Point USA News 2020.

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Khazarian Jew
Khazarian Jew
04-07-20 01:20

The election of the century?