Is the globalist “Reset” failing because the elites may have overplayed their hand into thinking the world is filled with lunatic slaves that have no option but to obey insanity?

Numerous polls indicate that at least 1 in 3 Americans plan to refuse the Covid-19 vaccine when it is released to the general public. 60% of Americans have stated in polls that they will not take the vaccine unless it is proven to be at least 75% effective.

Here we think we have our explanation for the vaccination bonanza. The elites know that neither Moderna nor Pfizer have actually produced any evidence that their vaccines are capable of prevented severe illness or death from Covid-19, so, their effectiveness rate is based on “projections” of success according to their minimal trials.

Americans are skeptical of the vaccines for a number of reasons. The reality that they are minimally tested and rushed out in less than a year is one reason.

The fact that the government and the media have been caught censoring or lying about Covid-19 data is another reason.

Many Americans are not as stupid as the elites think. They see the inconsistencies in the rhetoric and the data and they are increasingly prone to refuse to comply.

This might be why the establishment is suddenly rushing out at least two Covid-19 vaccines in the span of half a year; they have to get the vaccine phase of the Reset underway before too many people jump from the panic bandwagon.

People just don’t trust the elites, and who can blame them? Who would trust a cabal of psychopaths to inject them with an unknown viral cocktail? Maybe their intentions are not so pure?

The public is right to be suspicious. A former Pfizer vice president, Dr. Michael Yeadon among other medical professionals have recently warned that the vaccines have not been adequately tested and that there is a risk of “indefinite infertility” for women who take the current Covid-19 vaccine due to damaging autoimmune response.

In other words, the vaccine could make many women barren and unable to have children?

Maybe this is what Bill Gates meant when he stated in his Ted Talk that “vaccines and reproductive services” could help contribute to a reduction of the Earth’s population of 10% to 15% as a means to “stop global warming.

Why would Bill Gates mention vaccines in the same breath as “reproductive services” in reference to population reduction? Aren’t vaccines supposed to help people live longer? Well, the Pfizer VP’s warning about the Covid-19 vaccine is ringing bells for me.

Maybe the Covid-19 vaccine won’t make you sick, or kill you. Maybe you will live a long life free of Corona-virus, but you’ll find out a few years after taking the vaccine that you won’t ever be able to have kids.

Watch the movie ‘Children Of Men’ to get a sense of what the future might be like if the globalists get their way.

Criminals tend to brag about their crimes when they think that it’s too late for anyone to do anything about them. It was predicted that globalists would be very open in revealing their agenda the moment they believed themselves “untouchable”.

For the freedom loving public this suggests that in 2020 going into 2021 that the elites must think there is nothing that can be done to stop the machine; they are so blatant in their calls for the global “reset”, a cashless society, totalitarian lock downs and a surveillance state that no one in their right mind can claim these notions are “conspiracy theory” anymore.

The globalist push for a “new world order” is a double edged sword that could very well end up annihilating them.

As they attempt to initiate their reset agenda, they become more and more exposed; they can no longer lurk in the safety of the shadows and there is no going back once the process is started.

Once the globalists become widely known, they must either swiftly take control through engineered chaos and collapse, or face retribution that could eliminate a cabal that took them centuries to build.

Vampires must make the rest of the world a dark place before leaving the shadows, or they risk dying in the light of day.

Alt-Market USA – Brandon Smith / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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07-01-21 22:38

The elite hitting a concrete barrier if Trump keeps on derailing the globalist agenda?

29-03-21 17:03

Agenda 2030.