Genova, Italy, 27 June 2023 – What a Grand Finale! Team Malizia has won Leg 7 of The Ocean Race, grabbing a last-minute win in Genova.

The crew onboard Malizia – Seaexplorer sailed most of the final leg in third position but by choosing a route closer to shore, they managed to overtake both Team Holcim-PRB and Biotherm, and take the lead on Tuesday morning at 06:00 UTC.

Skipper Boris Herrmann, co-skippers Will Harris, Rosalin Kuiper, Nico Lunven, and onboard reporter Antoine Auriol were first to cross the finish line this Tuesday 27 June at 13:17:51 local time (11:17:51 UTC).

Team Malizia sailed 2,768.78 nautical miles from The Hague to Genova in 11 days, 19 hours, 02 minutes, and 51 seconds, and winning their second leg of The Ocean Race.

After 6 months of intense racing, 7 legs, 9 stopover cities, highs and lows, Team Malizia has finished their 37,201,95 nautical mile-long lap around the world with a bang!

In true Malizian spirit, the team celebrated by jumping into the harbor, dancing to their Ocean Race anthem song “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen, and many hugs with their crew.

It’s mind-blowing that we spent over 100 days at sea and sailed around the world, said co-skipper Rosalin Kuiper. I’m very proud to be the only female sailor to have done all the legs of this race, adds the Dutch sailor.

I realize that my body is tired with all those testosterone driven men around me, that I need a break now, but I’m happy I pushed myself, and I made it, we made it!

Team Malizia has overcome big challenges during the race, such as replacing their broken foils only days before the start in Alicante, Boris Herrmann’s burnt foot, Rosalin Kuiper’s concussion and Nico Lunven’s injury, or the gruelling mast repair in the Southern Ocean.

However, these challenges didn’t stop Team Malizia from delivering an incredible race with many highs and comebacks.

From winning the very first In-Port race with their almost untested foils, to winning the Southern Ocean leg, the longest in The Ocean Race’s 50 year-history, to passing Cape Horn first, breaking the 24-hour distance record for a mono-hull, and now grabbing the final win in a nail-biting finish.

All these moments were captured by onboard reporter Antoine Auriol and followed by millions worldwide. The French-German former kite-surf world champion also achieved something big considering he hadn’t spent many consecutive days at sea before the race.

He is the only OBR to have sailed all the legs and delivered fantastic content all along the way, acclaimed by fans and media around the globe.

Team Malizia is third in the overall ranking of this edition of the race, achieving a podium finish on their rookie participation in the race.

Besides navigator Nico Lunven, who took part in his third Ocean Race, and two shore team members who had worked in previous editions of the race, it was a first-time participation for every single member of the at times 40+ strong Malizia team.

In the final moments of Leg 7, Biotherm had also managed to overtake Team Holcim-PRB who had led most of the leg. The French team finished in second place, just over 1,5 hours behind Malizia.

Team Holcim-PRB crossed the line in third position, with only three boats having competed in the leg following the collision between 11th Hour Racing Team and GUYOT environment – Team Europe 17 minutes into the race, forcing both boats to return to harbor and retire from the leg.

The suspense regarding The Ocean Race winner is still on, as a redress hearing will be held on 29 June for 11th Hour Racing Team, which could influence the ranking and maybe give them the overall victory.

The American boat is currently being delivered by the crew to Genova, trying to be there in time and compete in the final In-Port Race on Saturday 1 July with the other 3 boats of the fleet.

Until then, Team Malizia will welcome many partners, host a My Ocean Challenge kids event, and celebrate their accomplishment with their many fans that have traveled to Genova.

Volvo Ocean Race / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Kidnapped by the System
Kidnapped by the System
28-06-23 23:35

Now, lets wait and see what the verdict against 11th hour racing will be?