The Syrian military is preparing to launch their largest offensive of the war next week, as they finalize their plans to kickoff this imperative operation in the provinces of Dara’a and Al-Quneitra.

Tel Aviv has expressed concerns over the potential involvement of Iran-backed militias in the assault due to the province’s proximity to Israeli-occupied territory.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have mounted several attacks against Syria in recent months, claiming to have targeted facilities used by Iran-backed forces.

According to a military source in Damascus, the government offensive will be led by two major forces in the Syrian Arab Army: the Tiger Forces and 4th Division.

The Tiger Forces are tasked with retaking the southern districts of Dara’a city, while the 4th Division will be split between the Al-Quneitra and Dara’a governorates.

Joining these two divisions will be a large number of soldiers and paramilitary troops that were previously deployed in the Damascus, Al-Sweida, Homs, and Hama governorates.

Iran’s involvement in Syria has long troubled Israel, as Tel Aviv fears Tehran is looking to entrench its forces there and could potentially use Syria as a platform to launch counter attacks against targets in Israel.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to prevent Iran from maintaining a permanent military presence in Syria and has warned that the IDF will conduct additional airstrikes unless Iranian troops leave the Arab Republic.

Russia Insider / AA Flash Point Military News 2018.

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