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The European Union has been branded a large web of corruption by Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Akesson, who is campaigning for a referendum on leaving the EU bloc.

Swexit was one of the policies of Mr Akesson’s populist party ahead of the general elections in 2018. Former Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt described the proposed referendum as the biggest single danger to Sweden’s future prosperity.

His political activism began in his teens when he joined the youth wing of the conservative Moderates. But he was rapidly disillusioned by their economic liberalism and support for Swedish EU membership in 1995.

The Sweden Democrats crossed the 4% threshold necessary for parliamentary representation for the first time in the 2010 general election, polling 5.7% and gaining 20 seats in the Riksdag.

This increase in popularity has been compared by international media to other similar anti-immigration movements in Europe.

The party received increased support in the 2018 Swedish general election, when it polled 17.5% and secured 62 seats in parliament, becoming the third largest party in Sweden.

The Sweden Democrats have remained isolated in the Riksdag because the other parties staunchly maintain a policy of refusing cooperation with them. The Sweden Democrats are a member of European Conservatives and Reformists group in the European Parliament.

The Sweden Democrat party program is based on nationalism and social conservatism. It’s ideological basis is described in the party’s manifesto.

The Sweden Democrats desire to combat climate change by expanding Sweden’s nuclear power, investing in climate research internationally, and funding climate action on a global scale.

In its foreign policy, the Sweden Democrats reject joining the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union and are opposed to the accession of Turkey to the European Union.

The party supports renegotiating the Schengen Agreement and holding a referendum on Sweden’s European Union membership.

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