Iranian First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri said that stability and security of the Strait of Hormuz is the red line for Iran.

Speaking at Caspian Sea economic forum held in Turkmenistan, Jahangiri said presence of foreign military forces in Persian Gulf “causes instability and increases tension.”

Security of the region can and should be organized and established only by regional countries in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea.

Stability and security of international waters as well as northern and southern coasts and Strait of Hormuz are Iran’s red line.

The unilateral policy of the USA imposing sanctions and threats against Iran jeopardized the stability and security in the region, which, Jahangiri warned, created significant problems in the international arena.

Anadolu Agency / ABC Flash Point Integrity News 2019.

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Anglo Zio-Nazi Swamp
Anglo Zio-Nazi Swamp
07-03-20 12:20

And now they have been targeted by Covid-19 outbreak?