Saudi Arabian war planes launched airstrikes on the Yemeni capital of Sana’a on Friday morning struck several sites, including a possible Houthi munitions depot, which sparked a massive explosion.

Warmongers in Riyadh gave the Houthis a six-hour ultimatum on Thursday to remove  weapons stashed @ the Al Thawra Sports Complex, which is home turf for the Yemeni national football team.

However, conflicting reports say the airstrikes have only targeted other (humanitarian) sites around the city and so far spared the sports arena.

Photos and videos posted on social media captured a massive explosion caused by an air strike, as well as numerous other strikes caused smaller explosions likely to be the result of the hostile war crime bombings.

Multiple Saudi bombs fell in many other places around the capital, as well. One video showed a massive crater in a Sana’a street, claimed to have been caused by an airstrike.

If an international committee finds any drones or missiles at Al-Thawra we will directly hand them to the United Nations. However, the Zionist backed Saudi coalition should permanently halt their attacks.

The Saudi-led anti-Houthi coalition, which includes the junta unelected government of Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, has been steadily losing ground to the Houthi freedom fighters in the northern Ma’rib Governorate, the western backed coalition’s last stronghold in the north.

The Houthi’s have captured much of the surrounding countryside, but the central city of Ma’rib remains only under their partial control.

Recent attempts to gain control over the commanding ridge-line of Jabal al-Balaq al-Awsat mountain could soon spell disaster for the remaining coalition forces inside Ma’rib.

An attempt to block a $650 million weapons sale to the Saudi monarchy by the United States was rejected by the US Senate earlier this month.

The Biden administration said it would stop selling offensive weapons to the Saudis that could be used in the Yemen war.

However, the USA would still sell them defensive weapons like anti-air missiles that could be used to shoot down Houthi ballistic missiles and drones being used to strike targets inside the kingdom.

However, since the Yemen war has become a war of attrition, giving the Saudis defensive weapons but not the Houthis still enables Riyadh to prosecute its war in Yemen by limiting the negative effects of the war on its own population.

Four of the five sea ports in Yemen have been occupied by aggressive UAE military forces, protecting the French (Total) confiscation of oil fields and oil flows out of Yemen.

Sputnik / ABC Flash-Point News 2021.

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24-12-21 18:14

No problem, the US regime approved and made sure they had the weapons to carry out the genocide since 2015. The RAF maintains the Tornado war planes for Saudi Arabia, creating another view other that what is presented on CNN and the BBC?

Vidarr Kerr
Vidarr Kerr
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24-12-21 18:15

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12-01-22 23:03

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