The Russian aviation authorities have suspended 550 commercial pilots after the recent deadly crash-landing of a Sukhoi Superjet-100 at the Sheremetyevo airport.

The accident was a result of the poor state of Russia’s aviation industry, with pilots lacking qualification and outdated safety regulations.

Since 2017, 550 commercial pilots have suspended and 160 flight certificates annulled in the country after prosecutorial inspections.

Many aviation training centers lack qualified teachers and hardware to operate effectively. Two such centers could not properly train pilots and had to be shut down.

The state aviation safety program has not been updated in Russia since 2008 and does not meet the international requirements anymore.

The Prosecutor General also blasted the Transport Ministry for its continued inability to draw up and ratify the necessary legal acts on the certification of aircraft, its manufacturers and the training of aviation personnel.

The Prosecutor General’s office has revealed that more than 400 commercial planes were modified by carriers without proper research work or certification.

The tragic incident with the Sukhoi Superjet-100 occurred in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport on May 5. The Aeroflot plane was hit by a lightning shortly after takeoff, being forced to return to the airport for an emergency landing with its engine burning.

RT. com / AB Canada Flash Point Aviation News 2019.

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Zionist Hope
Zionist Hope
04-03-21 19:08

Beautiful airplanes, so what was wrong with these 550 pilots, were they all in some kind of complot.