The death of Igor Korobov, who led Russia’s top military intelligence agency, has sent conspiracy mongers into overdrive. Unwilling to believe the 62 year-old died of cancer.

As the news broke, however, Western media, journalists and pundits wasted no time in deciding that this explanation for Korobov’s death simply could not be true. Generously, many began to offer up their own suspicions as alternative possibilities.

While most headlines in Western media included some form of implication that not all was as it seems, the Sun’s headline screamed “SPYMASTER DEAD” amid “suspicion he was assassinated for botching Skripal poisoning enraging Putin.”

The Daily Mail also opted to immediately link Korobov’s death to the poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal — but added a throwback to the 2014 downing of flight MH-17 in Ukraine for good measure.

First up, people began to notice that Korobov had been absent from the GRU military intelligence agency’s centenary celebration at the beginning of this month — a sure sign, they implied, that something was going on.

Top Twitter conspirator Louise Mensch had a different take, proffering that theory that maybe it was the CIA who also killed Korobov in revenge for alleged election interference during the 2016 US presidential election.

Even the supposedly restrained BBC Newsnight got in on the action, with its host John Sweeney suggesting that Korobov must have fallen out of a window?

Perhaps the oddest theory of all, though, was that Korobov is not actually dead — and instead preparing to take on a new identity in order to circumvent US sanctions after he was placed on a sanctions list in December 2016. / ABC Flash Point SS News 2018. 

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17-02-23 15:37

CIA or Mossad doing their dirty works on and on, killing opposition all over the world for the Anglo Zio-Nazi swamp?