Vladimir Putin’s top prosecutor who probed Skripal and offered “dirt” on Hillary Clinton has been found dead with two bullet holes in his back.

Investigators have confirmed that deputy Prosecutor-General Saak Karapetyan was killed last Wednesday after his AS-350 helicopter crashed in Kostroma, north-east of Moscow.

The crash was was originally blamed on the helicopter being “overloaded,” but following an autopsy, investigators have confirmed that two bullets were founded in Karapetyan’s back.

The official version is that the ‘overloaded’ helicopter crashed after clipping trees in Kostroma region, killing Karapetyan, his nephew Areg Arutyunyan, 47, pilot Stanislav Mikhnov, and another passenger Viktor Kopteev, 54.

The claim that Mikhnov was shot immediately before the helicopter crash was made by Dorenko’s Govorit Moskva radio station and promptly denied by the Investigative Committee (IC) – in charge of probing this serious crime.

In the wake of the crash, there were anonymous claims from respected anonymous ‘Kremlin insider’ blogger nicknamed Nezygar suggesting that Karapetyan’s death will ‘resolve a number of very painful issues’ in the Russian government.

In particular Karapetyan’s death would prevent future passing of information to the secret services of Britain, the USA and Switzerland.

The Truth Unsealed.com / ABC Flash Point News 2018.

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10-01-21 21:49

Mass murderer @ work.