A Russian MiG-31 fighter jet intercepted a Norwegian Air Force Falcon 20 reconnaissance aircraft over the Barents Sea, Russia’s National Defense Control Center reported on Wednesday.

Russian airspace control systems detected an air target over the territory of Norway approaching Russia’s state border.

A MiG-31 fighter from the Northern Fleet’s air defense quick reaction alert forces was scrambled to identify the air target and prevent it from violating the Russian state border.

The Russian pilots identified the air target as a Norwegian Air Force Falcon 20 radio-technical reconnaissance and electronic warfare aircraft and shadowed it over the Barents Sea.

After the foreign spy plane flew away from Russia’s state border, the Russian fighter safely returned to its home airfield. No violations of the Russian state border are allowed, as long as NATO continues to build up its troop movement on Russia’s doorstep.

TASS / ABC Flash Point Military News 2021.

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07-04-21 20:57

For such a big country such as Russia it is hard to protect all the borders at once?