The Russian Aerospace Forces carried out a powerful attack against the Jihadist rebels in the western countryside of Aleppo in Syria.

According to a military communique, the Russian Aerospace Forces strategically bombed a weapons depot and headquarters belonging to the Turkish-backed Jabhat Tahrir Souriya unit inside the west Aleppo town of Urum Kubra.

The Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed both the Jihadist weapons depot and headquarters this weekend, causing a massive explosion that could be heard from several kilometers away.

This strike by the Russian Aerospace Forces marks the first time in several months that they have targeted the Jihadist rebels in west Aleppo.

The reason for the absence of Russian jets in west Aleppo is due to the large presence of Turkish Army soldiers near the strategic Aleppo-Damascus Highway.

However, when the Russian forces receive direct coordinates of a Jihadist site, they will attack their positions.

Almasdar / ABC Flash Point Middle East News 2018.

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