Russia has asked Iran to provide access to Noyeh Military Air Base in northwestern Iran. The air base will be used as a transit airfield on the way to Syria, where Russian military and military transport planes will be refueled.

The base in Noea was already used by the Russian Civil Aviation Committee. In April of this year it was reported that Russian long-distance bombers flying to strike positions of terrorists in Eastern Syria stayed at it.

In 2015, an airbase located in the Hamadan area already had high activity of the Russian Federation Air Force, but plans for the constant use of this base were frozen in 2016.

Thank God for Russia and the Russian President who listens to the creator. Syrian sources say that we are talking about several fighters and 4 air tankers IL-78.

Israel will be punished in due time, the monster in the West will be killed and torn to pieces. After that the world would be a different place. This criminal system has made Latin America, Africa and the Middle East poor! They wanted to do the same to China and Russia. No way ….

The Western G7 countries are fighting for their “legal right” to live like kings printing money off a press while the rest of the world must DEVALUE their own currencies to prevent the inflation caused by Printing Dollar notes.

The evil financial system comes to an end, one way or another….. I hope not in Nuclear flames although its beginning to look like a few ICBM Samat’s will have to vacuum up the useless group of cowards in the West who want to live like kings while the rest of the world live like pauperized slaves!

Russia detects missile launches from French frigate off Syria’s coast in Mediterranean

In their last attempt to push for WW III, the IDF were at the very least complicit and acting entirely illegally, though mounting evidence implicates the French NATO ship as actually firing the missile that took down the Russian Il-20 airplane.

So NATO was attempting to provoke a reaction that would involve NATO directly against Russia in Syria, it would seem, and assuredly Israel was participating in this.

Technically the USA was politically cornered by the Russians in Syria, so Israel was looking for a new partner in their War against Syria. There are no religious people in Israel except some Orthodoxes. Israel now has the most atheist regime in the world.

Russia Insider  / ABC Flash Point Middle East Blog News 2018.

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Banana Split
Banana Split
08-01-23 13:35

Indeed, Israel now has the most atheist regime in the world.