According to Yakov Kedmi, a former high-ranking Israeli intelligence official, Israel is unlikely to freely use Syrian airspace in the wake of the crash of a Russian Il-20 military aircraft over the Mediterranean Sea.

Kedmi said, there was an agreement between Israel and Russia that the actions of Israel in Syria’s airspace would not endanger lives of Russian troops. Israel breached this commitment.

Ilyushin IL-20

What happens next will depend on the position of Israel. Most likely, Israel will no longer be able to enjoy the same freedom in the sky of Syria as it did before the incident.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) earlier in the day that Israel would share all information on the incident with Moscow. The IDF expressed regret over the deaths of the Russian troops and put the blame on Damascus and Tehran.

Israel’s attack in itself, regardless of the consequences, was an irresponsible step, because there is not a single facility on the territory of Syria that might have been used by Iran and whose destruction would have justified an attack on it.

According to the IDF, the Israeli jets were targeting a facility in Syria which contained systems to manufacture accurate and lethal weapons that could be sent “on behalf of Iran” to Hezbollah movement in Lebanon.

The Russian Defense Ministry said earlier that the Israeli military deliberately created a dangerous situation by using the Russian aircraft as a shield against Syrian air defense systems.

As a result, the Il-20 jet was downed by a missile launched by Syria’s S-200 air defense system.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point War III News 2018.

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King Kong
24-11-22 16:31

These Zionists never stop, now do they?

Kidnapped by System
Kidnapped by System
Reply to  King Kong
24-11-22 16:33

If they stop they will loose their global kingdom!

I Drone
I Drone
Reply to  Kidnapped by System
24-11-22 23:18

Lol…can you believe this? These clowns that are customers are trying to dictate their price from the supplier!
Where did these EU clowns learn the concept of supply and demand? Besides, most of the EU nations have done their best to bring down Russia-not much love to go around from that.

24-11-22 23:16

Why wouldn’t they withdraw? You come into my house and tell me what price I have to sell property that belongs to me and you will be out on your @ss

Reply to  Cracken
24-11-22 23:18

Cracken, Russia needs the money. As long as it not at a loss. The oil cannot easily be shut”off” and kept for “later”. So they have to sell it somewhere – and for a lot of it – there is no option but to use western ships. They can maybe try to play”chicken” – in that the west also needs the oil and cannot pay the prices charged if there is no Russian oil on the market – but… the US is driving this – and they are just fine for oil / long term contracts. It is not a… Read more »