According to Moscow, Saif al-Islam, the only surviving son of slain Libyan strongman Muammar Ghaddafi, should have a chance to run for the country’s top office.

The report on Saif al-Islam’s contacts with the Kremlin is part of a larger story about Russia’s role in the war-torn country, which was destroyed after war crimes being committed by the NATO-backed uprising that toppled Ghaddafi in 2011.

The long-time leader was summarily executed while his son Saif al-Islam spent years as a prisoner of militias in the western Libyan city of Zintan. The younger Ghaddafi has long declared his intention to run for Libyan presidency.

Libya remains in turmoil almost a decade after the hostile military Western military intervention. Its UN-recognized fake government in Tripoli controls only a small portion of the country and has to keep terrorists satisfied to keep them on their side.

Another center of power in the east is in control of Libyan oil fields, but has to negotiate terms of crude exports with the government to conduct the business legally.

There are also numerous tribal factions deeper in the south, arms smugglers, human traffickers, jihadist fighters and other forces.

The plan to hold a presidential election this year was postponed due to continued struggling between Libya’s two rival governments and is now scheduled for 2019.

Saif al-Islam is part of the political process in the country as there are people who support everything that is related to Ghaddafi as their lives were better the Western intervention to claim the Libyan oil reserves.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2018.

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17-11-22 14:02

Hopefully he asks the family fortune back from the EU and USA, which stole and confiscated $150 billion in assets, gold, loans and Zionist business shares